A New Musical Revue

The Squeeze Full Script/Lyrics
“The Squeeze” – Since the early 80’s, wage raises haven’t match growing inflation and there has been an ever increasing income disparity from the wealthy to lower classes. This has caused frustration and stagnation among the middle class and hopelessness among the poor. Both Republicans and Democrats have acknowledged the problem but have different ideas for a solution. In 1995 Nancy Pelosi termed it the middle class “Squeeze” – and because ‘the squeeze’ has consequently shaped modern times, I decided to write a satirical yet inspirational musical revue about it. The piece emphasizes how people have persevered despite their struggle and stagnation. The music focuses on folk, modern and early jazz styles, meant to draw on the nostalgic sound of a Shubert Brothers revue in New York City in the 30’s (they were often about the depression). There are 13 songs and 1 instrumental work, 1 tap dance number; run time is about an hour.

Music and lyrics by Amos Gillespie. Produced by The VOX3 Vocal Collective. Development assistance by Michael Gillis. Performed by David Schlumpf, Rebecca Prescott, Ashlee Hardgrave and Brian Hoffman. Music Direction by Jimmy Morehead. Instrumentalists: Jeff Yang, violin; Kurt Henning, bass; Amos Gillespie, sax/clar; Joel Styzens, drums; Jimmy Morehead, piano. Recorded at Transient Sound Studios; mixed and mastered by Tyler Rice. This project was awarded support from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. BUY NOW!

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