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Chamber works (Selected listing) click for full compositions list

Solo! for flute, violin, cello, trumpet, trombone and piano (2017), 7.5′. Written for the Chicago Bach and Beethoven Ensemble. Premiered at the Green Mill in Chicago, October 15, 2017.

Lacework for alto and baritone saxophones (2016), 6′. This recording is with Amos Gillespie, alto; Taimur Sullivan, bari. Recorded after a performance at the Chicago Cultural Center during the Ear Taxi Festival, Sunday 10/9/2016. Movement I

The Spanish Speakers for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and vibraphone (2014), 5.5′. Written for and premiered by the Atlantic Music Festival Contemporary Ensemble, Contemporary Ensemble premiere concert, Lorimer Chapel, Waterville Maine, July 2014.

Jasper Johns for flute, clarinet, alto sax and cello (2014), 9′. Premiered by the Gillespie Chamber Quartet at the Paintings Composed preview concert, Preston Bradley Hall, Chicago, April 2014.

1001 Afternoons in Chicago: a radio play for chamber ensemble and actors (2013), 30′. Thumbnail Lotharios excerpt. Performed 2013 – 2015 by the Palomar Ensemble and Strawdog Theatre members. 

These Questions Three for Bb clarinet/ bass clarinet, alto sax, vibraphone, piano, violin and cello (2011), 7.5′. Premiered by KT Somero, Amos Gillespie, Tom Haugen, Amy Wurtz, Julia Ghica and Kyra Saltman at the “Music in Haste” concert, Curtiss Hall, Chicago, Oct. 2011

Of Nature’s Palette for flute and piano (2012), 17′. Premiered by Trevor Patrick Watkin and Amy Wurtz at the New Music Halloween Bash, Chopin Theatre, Chicago Oct. 31 2012. II. Blue Flax, III. Black Bird, IV. Golden Toad, V. Wasps

Sunlit for violin, cello, clarinet, alto sax, and vibraphone (2010), 7′. Premiered at the ACM Buildings and Moods event, Preston Bradley Hall of the Chicago Cultural Center, Sep. 2010.

Tempered Heathen for flute, cello, and piano (2009), 8′ Premiered at the ACM “All American” concert in Ganz Hall, Chicago, Nov. 2009

Chicago-Lucerne String Quartet (2012), 17′. Premiered by Chicago Q Ensemble at the Chicago Cultural Center Sunday Salon Series, April 28th 2013. Movements I and III.

Three Minutes Squared for violin, cello and piano (2013), 3′. Recorded by the Palomar Ensemble at WFMT studios, Chicago August 25th 2013. This piece is a part of the Homeroom 10 x10 Project, a collaboration with painters. Painting by Ann Worthing.

Persephone for alto saxophone solo (2008), 8′. Premiered at the MAVerick ensemble soiree series by Amos Gillespie, Nov. 2008.

Sower Arepo for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, and cello (2007), 6′. Premiered at Zhou Bros. Art Gallery, Chicago, April 2007.

Orchestra works

The Noise of Bromius for orchestra (2013), 10′. Premiered by the Chicago Composers Orchestra at the Ruth Page Theatre, Chicago, May 30th 2013.

Vocal works

Judith for soprano and piano (2011-2012), 15′. Premiered at the VOX3 Biblical Women concert at the Chicago Temple May 19th 2012. Movements III, IV.

Honor Requiem for SATB choir and organ/(piano arrangement included) (2009), 30 min. Premiered at the VOX3 In Paradisum concert at the Chicago Temple March 14th 2013. VII. Remember Our Fathers

Dance and song cycle for soprano and piano (2010-2011), 8′. Premiered at the VOX3 Word/Tone event at the Northwestern University Vail Chapel, January 2011. I. The Dance.

Song Cycle: The Graver and the Pen, for baritone and guitar (2006), 10′. Premiered by CPIM, Fine Arts Bldg., Chicago, 2006. Movement III.

Film scores

The Alumni Chapter, feature independent film score (2011), 90′. Premiered at the Portage Theater, Chicago, February 2011.

Alchemist Orchestral film title sample: 

Korngold Orchestration Study (2015) 

Piano works

The Year of the Monkey (2015), 9′. Performed by Hulya Alpakin. 

Brushstrokes (2009), 8′. Performed by Amos Gillespie, II.

Demeter (2008), 10′. Performed by Amos Gillespie, II.